The End-of-Life Tyre challenge for OTR Tyres



  • Current practice for management of End-Of-Life Tyres in Australia, is to bury (EA approved). As technology is developed to better manage OTR tyres, legislation will change....

What is Chilean Law No. 20.920?

  • Law of Waste Management, Extended Producer Responsibility and Promotion of Recycling!!!! 

  • Although enacted in May 2016, implementation meetings are just now being held to establish goals for collection and recovery. EPR is intended to provide a circular recycling model for waste management by creating a system where the producers or importers are responsible for organizing and financing waste management. 
  • Products to manage include processing OTR tyres!

Thermo Vacuum Recovery (Green Carbon TVR)



  • GCI’s TVR technology is an energy effective process, in which variable carbon-based feedstock (rubber, plastic) is converted to energy (heat) and high-quality by-product. 
  • The recovery by precision temperature control under vacuum makes for an energy effective, low emission process. 
  • TVR plants can be built to any specification and plant sizes – mobile or fixed. 
  • They can be fully self-sustainable in the regional areas or in the suburbs.

Technology Development and Progress of TVR



  • The overall technology package beginning with U.S. Patent coverage (extending until 2033), a well-defined operating window to optimize desired products, outside laboratory confirmation of product quality, coupled with the extensive on-stream testing/operations time supports the success of the OTR Green Carbon process.
  • The successful commercial technology on a larger scale has been implemented with the facilities operating in the Tar Sands at Ft. McMurray, Canada.
  • A larger scale plant is also under construction in South Africa to meet the waste management demands (end-of-life tyres) of Anglo American mining.


Value-added Energy from Rubber Waste



  • NOVUM with TVR technology produces fuel oil and syngas of high quality and can be supplied directly to a generator (known as Bio-cogeneration system designed by CAT™).
  • The heavy and light oil can be distilled to a range of products (naphtha, kerosene, diesel, light and heavy diesel). A three reactor TVR plant has the potential of supplying 25 million cubic feet gas and 3 million litres of fuel oil per annum from 21,000 tonnes of rubber.
  • The advantage is that end-of-life tyres can produce sufficient fuel / syngas directly to 1-3 MW generators; the electricity to be provided to the community via a grid connection or local operations with electricity from waste.

Environmentally Friendly - Reclaimable Carbon Process



  • NOVUM  introduces TVR technology by GCI as a responsible approach in using end-of-life rubber to produce high-grade by-products (fuel oil, syngas, carbon black and steel). 
  • The high-grade by-products are supplied back to manufacturing industries, alleviating “virgin commodity sourcing” and providing fuel oil and syngas for direct electricity generation. By doing so we are cleaning up generations of waste.
  • Green Carbon Incorporated's TVR technology is by far the best, beating pyrolysis, landfill, normal tyre-derived fuel processes, crumbed rubber and incineration with coal in cement kilns hands down.
  • The TVR technology provides its own process energy (gas) - the surplus syngas is fed to a generator for electricty production.

Australian Case Study - Key Mining Locations



  • NOVUM is in the process of assessing the viability of several case studies within Australia.
  • Australia has several "large mining centres" - each with the capacity to supply sufficient rubber waste towards the production of re-usable product and renewable energy. The benefit produced by a three unit plant from Novum Energy / GCI can be up to 5 MW of electricity.
  • While this can be a huge financial and socio-economical benefit  for the mine or surrounding communities, and legislation lags, end-of-life OTR tyres  should be seen as a commodity and not buried on site.
  • Potential areas in Australia with high mining activities are: Queensland (Coal), New South Wales (Coal) and Western Australia (Iron Ore).