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Novum Energy Australia is all about innovation – it’s about applying technology, in an environmentally green space, addressing pollution and converting excessive rubber-based waste to renewable energy sources and other high-quality by-products.

Rubber (OTR Tires) used in the mining, construction and agricultural industries (i.e. OTR or HME tyres, conveyor belting and rubber tracks), is deemed to be an ideal supply in producing re-usable product and creating socio-economic benefits in regional areas.

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 Current practice for management of End-Of-Life Tyres is to bury or stockpile. As technology is developed to better manage OTR tyres, legislation will change.... 

Join Novum Energy Australia in leading this change for a more sustainable environment.

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Executive Team


Dr Louis W. Schürmann - Chairman


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Henry van Eck - Director


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Gustav van Rooyen - Director


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Rowan Kendall - Director

Managing Director

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George M. Maas - Director


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Fredrick Taylor - Director

Director of Green Carbon (GCI) and Patent holder of TVR technology

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Dr Louis W. Schürmann - Chairman

Member of Scientific Committee


Dr Louis W. Schürmann co-founded Novum Energy Australia Pty Ltd in 2018.

Brisbane based, he is a competent and experienced exploration geologist (29 years).

One of the moving spirits behind Platreef Resources (Pty) Ltd, Ivanhoe Nickel & Platinum (SA) Ltd (now Ivanhoe Mines Ltd) and Rhino Plat (Pty) Ltd and had set the agenda for restructuring of junior exploration companies in South Africa, Zambia and the DRC. 

Seasoned, energetic and active with excellent operations management experience, he is an astute researcher and explorationist on ultramafic to mafic layered intrusions (i.e. the Bushveld Complex) with special reference to Platinum Group Metals, chromite, vanadium and magnetite, and alkaline rocks and carbonatites with reference to Rare-earth elements and associated industrial minerals. 

Louis has been the vanguard of several operations and discoveries, creating enabling environments for investment. As a successful consultant / geologist he is further experienced in rubber and plastic waste to energy technology - Thermo-chemical Vacuum Recovery (TVR) of Green Carbon Inc. whereby rubber, plastic and even coal as feed can be processed to high-grade fuel oil, syngas and other components, but without the known pollution.

Louis believes that by applying geological science to “problem regions” in the World, the newly discovered commodity-driven projects act as “dynamos” which in turn enhance socio-economic conditions with sustainable solutions. By applying “dynamos” as a pro-active approach to change, he believes that many hurdles can be overcome.


Henry van Eck - Director

Member of Scientific committee

Henry is the former CEO of Total Rubber Recycle. He is also a shareholder of Global Asset Management, an asset managing research and development company in South Africa.

Henry has been active in the engineering field, designed and patented the ZeroBlaze Fire Suppression System used extensively in the mining industry, protecting lives and valuable assets.

He has spent the last 9 years in the Rubber Recycle Industry,  specializing in Pyrolysis and Thermal Vacuum Recovery of Off the Road Tyres and end of life commercial tyres.

Henry is instrumental in acquiring the exclusive rights to Thermal Vacuum Recovery from Green Carbon Industries (USA) the technology holders.


Gustav van Rooyen - Director

Member of Investment Committee


Mr. Van Rooyen co-founded Novum Energy Australia Pty Ltd in 2018. 

Prior to joining CMRI he was involved in the development of various projects in South Africa and in Africa. He has more than twenty-five years’ experience in various industries. 

 Gustav has a unique sense of identifying potential projects and defining associated components (financial, managerial, company structures) to support future potential and growth.  

As an experienced entrepreneur he is focusing on Mineral Resource Ventures which are designed to be the cornerstone for socio-economic development in developing countries.

Gustav is passionate about sustainable equitable mineral ventures which can transform the societal backbone of poor territories and developing countries.



Rowan Kendall GAICD - Director

Managing Director


Rowan Kendall is a Senior Leader with over 25 years’ experience within the Australian electricity, telecommunications, and oil & gas industries leading multi-disciplinary teams across both private and government owned sectors.


He has the capability to build and influence team culture to improve performance by clarifying accountabilities and embedding performance management. Rowan has proven success in continuous improvement and prudent budget management, optimisation of asset bases and the delivery of capital plans.

He has sound experience in developing and operating new/old Infrastructure - Fibre Optic Networks, Electrical Generation, Distribution and Transmission Networks/ Substations, Coal Seam Gas fields, commissioning and operating Water & Waste Treatment Facilities, Gas Processing Facilities and Field infrastructure (wells, gathering, High Voltage electrical distribution), conventional and unconventional gas.

Rowan is further experienced in the development of strategic alliances and joint ventures as both principal and contractor delivering innovative and effective outcomes, influenced and partnered with senior management teams around business strategy, business development, performance reporting and improvement programs.


George Maas - Director



Financial Manager for several SMEs and acting as CFO for Novum Energy Australia. 

With over 25 years experience, acting as  an Independent consultant in the fields of accounting, taxation, business acquisitions and corporate restructuring. 

He is an Associate member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.


Fred Taylor - Director

Founder of TVR Technology

Fred is the Chairman & President of OTR Wheel Engineering, and Green Carbon Inc.


30 years in the tyre industry, and founder of Green Carbon Inc. and associated Thermo Vacuum Recovery (TVR) technology.

OTR Wheel Engineering was founded in 1987 as a small wheel shop in Rome, Georgia. There he began to manufacture and distribute wheels and wheel components to customers in the Southeast US. 

He then sought to develop a process of recycling rubber – developing TVR technology.